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Mount Franklin

Australia's premium Spring Water

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Mount Franklin

Australia's premium spring water

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Alright perhaps now that the assesment is over i should keep updating this, i can try at anyrate.
So yesterday, i was harrassed by geese, it was kind of funny and scary at the same time.
Funny because, well i ended up walking about a block with a flock of about 30 geese, scary cause they're like half as tall as me.
I have no idea what they we're doing there, 30 tame geese, but they were.


Tuesday, April 06, 2004

*Ponders what to write today*
Well this is due in soon so this should probably be a good post, errrr

I thought Lord of the Rings(that one's a link to TheoneRing.net a pretty damn comprensive site) was a pretty good movie, or trilogy of movies.
I mean, alot of people who had read the books before hand didn't because well that's the way it usually is when you read a book first, since the movie can never go into as much detail.
But i think the movie went into different detail, detail of costuming and sets, music and so forth, and sure some scenes were put in just to attract an audience or hold their attention, like the fleshed out romance of Aragorn and Arwen or the large amount of action. But that's to be expected

And of course there are people who just hate it anyway because they arn't willing to forgive it, it's set backs or hate blockbusters or fantasy (like my father) and simply wont give it a chance, which really give me the irits, but then my sister is always annoyed that i dont give annoying teen movies a chance, so i'm probably not one to complain.
Oh, another link i couldn't tie in The council of Elrond
Fun site, lots of different stuff (that is not just people going, ohhh maaaaaaaan Frodo is hot, well theres some of that too).

Monday, April 05, 2004

I hate 99% of reality TV. Who watches this stuff? everybody i talk to tells me they hate it, but someone must be watchiing!
Exceptions:Survivor, because, hey it's funny to watch people starving for money!
And of course Iron Chef, which is more like a game show really. (Hate those too)
But then i guess there must be a fair few people who watch, since television is based on ratings and considering Big brother is on it's third round (oh God i hate that show). Not to mention Pop stars, American/Australian Idol, it just goes on and on

Have you ever noticed that once one particular relatity show works at least ten others with the same idea come along, survivor lead to temptation island, American idol, australian idol, popstars live. There are about a million garden/house makeover shows. It just makes you want to vomit.


Sunday, April 04, 2004

On the topic of animals check out the animal personnals
Now is that a joke or do i need to be afraid?
I noticed today that I seem to have misplaced my brain, i had it around here somewhere, it'll probably be the last place I look.
Did you know the Minoan's of the Island Thera in the Aegean sea had working toilets? That is you know, until that volcano blew up their island.
I think that's pretty good considering they lived thousands of years ago and considering how long the English etc. did witout them.
Probably wouldn't have had as many of those nice plagues though.

Some people seem to think that Thera was the lost Continent of Atlantis, after all it was very advanced, and then it sunk into the sea more or less. Or at least parts of it did.

Besides from working toilets and showers they had some nice houses, or so far as we can tell from their ash caked ruins. Nice fescos too. My fav. is the one of the fisherman. Because, well who fishes without clothes on? Praps its a special technique.
Oh and no, he is not going bald, that was how they wore their hair back then.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Siamese cats are bitches. Oh sure alot of people will tell you that they are beautiful, which they surely are, and that they are faithful lovable cats not true!
Here's a pic i found that looks just like my mother's Siamese cat, looking all smug and superior,the bastard
The things are just plain evil, did you know that while all other house cat's eyes glow yellowy/green when reflecting light, a Siamese's will glow bright red, a clear sign of possesion that (i couldn't find a pic of a Siamese with red eyes so here is a Red Siamese fighting fish). It might be evil too, maybe a Communist.
Oh wait, heres one evil

Friday, April 02, 2004

Ever watch IRON CHEF?
It's really cool, they always have a special theme for the show and then they have to cook dishes which show that theme it's for a set period of time, 60 or 90 minutes i can't remember. A new challenger comes every week to pit his skills against the IRON CHEF. A panel of judges is set to see well judge the dishes.
It's japanese so it's on ABC
or maybe SBS
Havn't watched it recently, but the last time i did watch, the special theme was milk. You sure can make alot of things with milk.


Thursday, April 01, 2004

I'm going to adopt this donkey
You have to wade through alot of pigs and horses and crap to find it, but it's in there.

Other things i'm doing today, Flying to Africa, lots of people killed by Hippos in Africa ( killer hippos )more so than killed by lions and hyenas and all that muck.
I mean they don't look that dangerous but they have really bit teeth, that can probably impale you.
They tend to tip over boats and then i dont know, eat or maim the people who fall out.

So watch out for those Hungry hungry hippos!


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